10 of The Best Ways to Use Mint Julep Cups After the Kentucky Derby

The Quintessential Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Cups

three mint julep cups with straws

On Derby Day, mint julep cups in hand is as essential as the race itself. A vessel for the classic julep drink, these cups have always represented a little tradition mixed with sophistication. But that doesn't mean it's time to pack them up after the final horse crosses the finish line. They're more than a once-a-year delight and below are 10 creative ways to use them! 

Silver Mint Julep Cups as a Vase

Transform your cups into stunning vases. Whether showcasing spring's first flowers or the lush blooms of summer, they're a beautiful way to display any bouquet. For fuller arrangements, one of our larger sized julep cups, like the 16oz Carolina or the 12oz Louisiana, provides a sturdy base for even the most grand bouquets.

beautiful table setting with flowers in a mint julep cup being used as a vase

Mint Julep Cups as Planters

Silver elegance meets natural greenery when you use a julep cup as a planter. They'll make a statement on any windowsill and match almost anyone's home decor. It's one of the easiest ways to elevate any space.

Mint Julep Cups to Organize Makeup and Brushes

Upgrade your daily routine and use your silver cups as organizers for makeup brushes, cotton balls, q-tips and more! Mascara and eyeliners stand tall in a 12oz Chesapeake Bay Mint Julep Cup, adding a touch of grandeur to your beauty regimen.

mint julep cups holding makeup brushes, cotton balls and flowers

Utensil and Straw Holders

How about a bar cart upgrade? Silver julep cups add elegance and charm effortlessly. They're stylish yet functional for holding silverware, napkins, or straws. This simple touch is just the thing.

Desk Decor and Pen Holder

Replace boring pen holders with a beautiful pewter mint julep cup. Our 8oz Texas Cup is the perfect touch for your desk setup. Use it to coral all your pens, scissors, and more, and add a little charm to a dull workspace. It's the little things, right?

framed image of a wedding couple, business cards and mint julep cup as a pen holder

Table Number Holders For Weddings And Parties

Silver mint julep cups add a fun twist to event decor by doubling as table number holders. Perfect for weddings or parties, they'll guide guests to their seats while adding a hint of vintage charm and personality.

Julep Cups to Appetizer and Condiment Cups

Girl's night just got a whole lot cuter! Add a little something extra to it by turning mint julep cups into condiment and appetizer cups! These aren't just serving pieces; they're jooshing up your hosting game. For a touch of sophistication, our smaller mint julep cups, like the 8oz Virginia or the 9oz Kentucky options, are the perfect chic holders for utensils.
mint julep cups holding carrot, celery and dressing as appetizer plates

Boutonniere and Corsage Holders

Make proms or dances memorable by using them for boutonniere and corsage holders—just a little something to make the night a little more special.

Luxe Gift Containers

Say goodbye to the usual gift back and hello to a gorgeous luxe gift holder. Add your gift to our beautiful sterling silver mint julep cup - 9 oz Kentucky and wrap it with a beautiful bow. Two presents in one—a cherished gift and a stylish keepsake.

A Sweet Spin on Serving Desserts

Next ice cream night, serve up scoops of ice cream or frozen yogurt in one. The 8oz Maryland Cup is great for just the right amount of ice cream or yogurt, while the petite 5oz Carolina and the 5oz Classic Youth cups are perfect for just a taste. Talk about ending a meal on a high note!

mint julep cups with ice cream in them and spoons

Engraved and Personalized Mint Julep Cups

Don't forget that all of our mint julep cups can be personalized with a custom engraving—a date, monogram or name. Just fill out our engraving form, and you're "off to the races." Eh? See what we did there?  

Can you think of any other ways to use these? Let us know in the comments below!

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