About Us

nikki wood owner of templeton silver and nikki wood digital designs - web designer and seo

Nikki Wood, owner of Templeton Silver, is a collector of precious things. Her family’s roots go back over 80 years in historic Charleston, South Carolina, where she was influenced by rich history, centuries old-traditions, and the value of heirlooms handed down from generations.

Creative drive and the appeal of beautiful objects led Nikki into a career in jewelry design, and she found success creating handmade pieces for boutiques across the Southeast.

When a childhood friend approached her to take ownership of Templeton Silver in 2012, Nikki found traditional gifts were a natural fit.

Today, Nikki loves helping shoppers choose the right gift. Her attention to detail extends even to Templeton Silver’s personalized lockets, which she assembles herself.

Her goal is to ensure Templeton Silver has a curated selection of quality gifts that celebrate life’s biggest moments, wow friends and family, and merit keeping for a lifetime.