Engraving Information

Templeton Silver Engraving Information

Add a special touch by personalizing your Templeton Silver product with an engraved monogram and/or special date!

Templeton Silver Engraving Fonts

Tips To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Engraving Format:
  • Above are the different fonts to choose from.
  • If you'd like to have your Templeton Silver product engraved, please choose "yes" from the dropdown box.
  • Also, please fill out the Engraving Form. No need to send it to us. We'll receive your information once you submit the form. We will be in touch within 24 hours with an engraving proof to get your approval!
  • We love Interlocking and Double Script for feminine monograms and initials.
  • Circle Block and Old English are our favorites for masculine monograms and initials.
  • We love Double Block for either feminine or masculine.
  • A monogram style is when the last name initial is engraved larger and in the center of the set.  The first name initial is engraved to the left of the last name initial. The middle name initial is engraved to the right of the last name initial. 
  • Dates will be engraved in the numeric format mm-dd-yy. In the case that the month or day is a single digit, the zero prior to the actual month and day numbers will not be engraved.  For example, if the date to be engraved was November 1, 2020 the actual engraved product will read 11-1-20
  • Feel free to Contact Us anytime with ay questions.  We're always here to help!