8 Unique Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

Now for all things sugar and spice and everything nice. We've rounded up 8 unique gift ideas for baby girl.  They can all be customized with an engraved monogram, name, date or message.  We think you'll LOVE them!

Gift Idea #1 - Silver Picture Frame

Almost any silver frame from our silver frames collection make a great gift for anyone on your gift list.  But, they're especially sweet for a baby nursery or curio cabinet.  They can be engraved with a special date, monogram and/or message.

I mean, how precious is this silver bow picture frame? It's adorable, and honestly, it can be used for years and years, even when she's growing up.

silver bow frame templeton silver
Silver Bow Picture Frame

The bottom can be engraved with a monogram, name, or a special message. We can put a picture in for you and send it to the giftee.  Just email the image to nikki@templetonsilver.com and we'll pop it in there for you.

Baby Girls Idea #2 - Silver Jewelry Box

Next up are any of our silver pewter or sterling silver jewelry boxes. This isn't necessarily a baby gift, but there's so sweet it's perfect for one. I get orders for these from women of every age.

They're made of sterling silver or pewter, come in different sizes, and can be engraved on the top or bottom of the lid, side of the box, or wherever you'd like.

silver jewelry box - Unique Gift Ideas for Baby Girls Templeton Silver
5" Silver Jewelry Box

This five inch silver jewelry box is one of my very favorites from that collection.  It's so sweet and so pretty.  They are very popular with woman of all ages and are also a GREAT gift for bridesmaids.

Present Idea for little girls #3 - Sterling Silver Teething Ring

Another gift option is a sterling silver teething ring. And, since sterling silver is naturally antimicrobial, there's less bacteria on silver teethers than cloth or plastic ones.

Our teething rings are double-sided smooth teething rings. A monogram on one side and a date on the other are perfect for this option.

sterling silver white teething ring - Unique Gift Ideas for Baby Girls Templeton Silver pink teething ring - Templeton Silver

White Sterling Silver Teething Ring      Pink Sterling Silver Teething Ring

It's a fun gift for a baby to play with now and when they're teething, it helps soothe their gums from the pain. And since sterling silver is naturally antimicrobial, our teethers have less bacteria than cloth or plastic ones.

Idea #4 -Silver Baby Spoons

You just can't go wrong with a silver engraved baby spoon.  Their such a classic baby gift.  I have one customer who orders them for all of her grandkids and hangs them from her Christmas tree every year as ornaments.  It's such a creative idea and I LOVE it!

silver baby spoons - Unique Gift Ideas for Baby Girls Templeton Silver
Silver Bent Baby Spoon

Our spoons have room for one initial to be engraved. This is a precious and practical gift; they can use it while learning to eat and getting used to holding a utensil. Also, it will be something that's treasured for years to come.

Idea #5 - Sterling Silver Toothbrush 

If you have a baby that wants to channel her inner diva, we've got you covered, too! All jokes aside, this precious sterling silver pink toothbrush is just the thing she needs. And, it turns into such a sweet keepsake.

sterling silver toothbrush - Templeton Silver
Sterling Silver Baby Toothbrush - Pink

It will also help start good dental hygiene habits from a very early age.  Never too young :)

Unique Gift Idea #6 - Silver Number Candle Hoder

These are one of the most popular items in our shop. These silver number candle holders are the perfect gift really for anyone on your list.  But, as a baby gift, they'll be able to use them over and over and over again.  These will never go out of style.

silver number candle holder for cake - Unique Gift Ideas for Baby Girls Templeton Silver
Silver Number Candle Holders

And, you can always get a second set for when they hit the same double digits.  It's a gift they'll love and be able to use every year.

Gift Idea #7 - Silver Bow Handle Baby Cup

And, last but not least, this absolutely darling silver baby cup with a bow handle.  A little girl can never have too many things with bows on them.  She'll only be young once, and one day she'll not want to wear them.

silver bow handle baby cup - Unique Gift Ideas for Baby Girls Templeton Silver
Silver Bow Handle Baby Cup

This is a gift that is timeless and you'll look back on to remember and reflect on a time when she was a baby.

8 Unique Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

What did you think about our list of present ideas for babies?  Hopefully this helped get the creative juices flowing and gives you a starting place.  

Let us know if you have any questions.  We're always here to help!


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