Ideas For Using and Styling Vanity and Jewelry Trays

We’ve got a treat for you today! We’ve brainstormed ideas for using and styling vanity and jewelry trays, and we know you’ll like them. And, bonus, we have a bunch of different tray options to choose from 🙂

So, you’ve got a beautiful jewelry tray or vanity tray but don’t know how you’re going to use it. We have a few good ideas to help you get the ol’ decorating juices flowing. Be sure to let us see how you end up styling yours!

Styling Vanity and Jewelry Trays - Makeup Brushes and Perfume


There’s nothing like a bathroom vanity tray to help corral “all the things” on the bathroom counter or cabinets. There are the perfect "catch-all" to keep your makeup brushes, makeup, or perfume organized (while looking oh-so-chic).

No more digging or searching through a makeup abyss to find what you want. Our favorite trays for makeup brushes are a bit longer so they can hold every size brush.

Another way to keep things organized in the bathroom is with one of our mint julep cups. We have other ideas for using your mint julep cups, and keeping makeup brushes organized is one!

Add a little something extra by personalizing your tray with a monogram (or anything you want to be engraved).

Some of my favorite longer options are - Woven Border Vanity Tray, Signature Vanity Trays and Rope Vanity Trays.

Use Your Vanity Tray as a Business Card Holder

That plastic business card holder you got as a placeholder until you finally got a nice business card holder??? (but still haven’t gotten around to it – I see you – story of my life lol)!

Throw that thing away and replace it with something that looks good and is worthy of your business cards (you work hard)!

The smaller, the better when it comes to that. Some good options for a business card holder are Small Beaded Vanity TrayClassic Vanity Tray, and one of our Beaded Square Vanity Trays.

Use Your Tray as Part of Your Decor 

  decor on a shelf
Keep things simple! These trays are beautiful enough to sit and look pretty all on their own. Add this to your decor on a coffee table, shelf, or dresser.

They are all simple yet classic and could be a part of almost any style of decor.  Any one of them would look amazing but here are some favorites - Beaded Oval TrayDerby Run Trays and this Curved Vanity Tray

Never Lose Them Again!  A Place For Keys and Wallets

IDEAS FOR STYLING AND USING VANITY AND JEWELRY TRAYS - use for a catch for your keys and wallet
Yes, I’m beyond guilty of throwing my keys wherever when I walk in the door. But, this ultimately leaves me panicking, trying to find my keys the next time I need them and vowing to keep them in the same place so this doesn’t keep happening.

Well, I can now solve that problem! Keep one of these on a stand or table so when you enter the door, it’s the first thing you see and never lose those bad boys again.

And, just like the above, these trays look good and mix in with any style you have.  Some ideas are Beaded Vanity TrayEdged Vanity Tray, and Divot Vanity Tray.

The Perfect Catchall for Your Jewelry

IDEAS FOR STYLING AND USING VANITY AND JEWELRY TRAYS - use to put your jewelry on at night IDEAS FOR STYLING AND USING VANITY AND JEWELRY TRAYS - use to put your jewelry on at night IDEAS FOR STYLING AND USING VANITY AND JEWELRY TRAYS - use to put your jewelry on at night

And, last but not least, a catch-all for your daily jewelry. Having one of these jewelry/vanity trays on a nightstand or dresser in your room honestly makes life easier (for me).  

I’ve been known to take off my rings or necklaces and not remember which room I did. Especially during the lockdown – washing my hands all the time – it was starting to become musical sinks and "guess which sink my rings were on."
It's even a great solution for men to use to keep everything in one spot on their nightstand or dresser.

Ideas for Using and Styling Vanity and Jewelry Trays

Be sure to browse our entire collection of jewelry and vanity trays!  They all come with the option to be engraved with a monogram and/or message. They also make an excellent gift for anyone on your list.

Can you think of any ideas we might have left off?  Let us know in the comments below!  

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